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Solar Electric 


Solar Tribal Train the Trainer (T4)


We'll be partnering with the #1 solar electric training organization in the United States - Solar Energy International (SEI).  Two separate weeks of training at RCREC, then a two week stay in Colorado at SEI headquarters where you'll take your solar certification testing upon completion.  After these four courses are complete you'll be the trainer for your first supervised workshop in October.  All expenses paid including lodging and food, transportation to RCREC and SEI excluded.  Some solar experience necessary.  Click here for more about the Solar Tribal Train the Trainer Project!

SEI Professional Solar Course 101


(Oct 28-Nov 1) - Solar electric training at RCREC (No previous solar installation training necessary).

Pine Ridge Girl's School


(June 13-19, 2020) - Two days technical training and 4 1/2 days on the job training - Installing 22.5 kW of solar (No previous solar installation training necessary)

Other Solar

Mobile Power Station


Training where we will train tribal members how to make both trailer sized and handcart sized mobile solar power stations.  This workshop also includes learning how to make simple and inexpensive solar powered LED Lights in a bucket.  All three combined trainings are designed for remote and/or off-grid construction projects and camps.


Off-Grid Solar Furnaces - More information coming soon!

We also expect there will be at least one Off-Grid Solar Furnace training in 2019. 

Check back for dates!

Sustainable Housing

Compressed Earth Blocks (CEB) - More information coming soon!


Solar in a Suitcase - More information coming soon!

Foam Crete - More information coming soon!

Tiny Houses - More information coming soon!

Water Pumping

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Solar Warrior Farm (SWF) - More information coming soon!

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