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Solar Electric Training

Solar Electric Training

Building Solar Labs


Solar Tribal Train the Trainer (T4)

We'll be partnering once again in 2020 and 2021 with the #1 solar electric training organization in the United States - Solar Energy International (SEI).  The tribal Train the Trainer Program is a professional level training course that consists of three weeks of intensive training at the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center at Pine Ridge.  As we are training new trainers for tribal communities, graduates of the course will then become the teacher at a supervised Solar 101 one week workshop for other tribal members.


Students selected for this program receive full scholarships that covers all training costs, lodging, food and the fee to take the national NABCEP Solar Certification test.  A travel stipend will also be provided. 


Click here for more about the Solar Tribal Train the Trainer Project!

SEI Professional Solar Course 101


(October 5-9) - Solar electric training at RCREC (No previous solar installation training necessary).  Dates subject to change due to Corona virus impacts at Pine Ridge. 

Training Opportunity -

From approximately May 20 to August 18 and possibly longer, Red Cloud Renewable will be building new professional level Solar Lab stations to provide more higher level training for our T4 and other renewable energy students.  We will also be adding in a new solar array for use by the Red Cloud School and have several small construction and campus improvement projects to complete planned.  We are looking for some volunteers to help with these improvement projects.  

There is no funding available for students, but we can cover your food and lodging.  The project will be led by Henry Red Cloud, Executive Director of Red Cloud Renewable and Johnny Weiss, one of the founders of Solar Energy International and RCR’s Director of Special Projects and will likely include others from Remote Energy and the greater solar industry.  So great teachers and very real and impressive solar experience!

For more information, please contact Richard Fox – ASAP and let us know when you might be available and for approximately how long. 

Other Unscheduled Workshops Periodically Provided by Red Cloud Renewable

Other Solar


Mobile Power Station


Training where we will train tribal members how to make both trailer sized and handcart sized mobile solar power stations.  This workshop also includes learning how to make simple and inexpensive solar powered LED Lights in a bucket.  All three combined trainings are designed for remote and/or off-grid construction projects and camps.

Sustainable Housing

Compressed Earth Blocks (CEB) - More information on our next workshop coming soon!

Off-Grid Solar Furnace

Solar Water Pumping

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Solar Warrior Farm (SWF) - More information on our next workshop coming soon!

Solar Lighting

Discover all the different ways to light your life with solar - More information on our next workshop coming soon!

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