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Off Grid Solar Furnaces

All our solar furnaces are built by tribal members on Native land and they are designed with simplicity and affordability in mind. The main component of each unit is a 4' x 8' foot solar heat collector panel. This panel is mounted and installed next to the south side of the house, where it absorbs heat from the sun. The system is connected to the house by two air ducts: supply and return. Whenever the air inside the collector panel is warmer than the temperature set on the heating system’s thermostat, a blower (powered by a PV solar panel) inside the system turns on and warm air up to 110 degrees is pushed into the house.

These systems do not create electricity, but rather provide supplemental air heating heat to homes, that is, they supplement the families’ other sources of heat (e.g. electricity, propane or wood stoves). 


We believe that reducing our dependence on fossil fuels is important. And on tribal lands, it is imperative. We hope you will join us today in helping tribes achieve energy independence.


Let the Sun Warm Your House – Even on the Coldest Days!