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Solar Electric Training

Six Paths to the Sun

Solar Train the Trainer – This professional level training course has been designed specifically to build the Native American solar workforce, while concurrently providing the solar trainers and tribal solar advocate network that will spread this technology all across Indian Country!  Leads to national certification testing (NABCEP).


Off Grid Solar Furnaces – RCR and Lakota Solar Enterprises have built and or installed more than a thousand solar furnaces on more than fifteen reservations.  These solar air heating systems provide supplemental heat and can reduce the yearly heating bill by up to 30% for just pennies a day!


Solar Water Pumping – We run our solar powered well into a thousand gallon tank that feeds the dripline in the Solar Warrior Farm. Whether your needs are agricultural or ranch related, solar water pumping is a simple and inexpensive application worth exploring!

Solar Lighting – our solar lighting training covers two different types of lighting for individuals or for use in larger water protector camp – Solar Lights in Bucket, our Handcart Mobile Power Stations (for phones and computers), and Solar Suitcase.


Solar Mobile Power Stations – this training is based around a pull behind trailer and can be used to power construction needs or power camp radio stations, as well as multiple computers, phones and drones.


Solar Radiant Floor Heating -  Heating bills can be greatly reduced using a simple radiant floor heating approach, built right into the cement floor.

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