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Solar Water Pumping

Whether you are talking about people, vegetables, or livestock

Water is Life (Mni Wiconi).


Solar power makes it relatively easy to move water from one place to another – even in remote areas that aren’t connected to the utility grid.

We train on two types of solar water pumping – Farm and Gardens (crop irrigation) and Ranch Needs (livestock watering).

Each topic can be taught as a detailed five day class or we can teach a single five day combined introductory class that covers both topics. You can see a sample workshop schedule for the combined class here.

Solar Water Pumping for Farms and Gardens

Currently our Solar Warrior Farm is powered by a solar water pump that automatically fills our 1,000 gallon tank that provides on-demand water for our dripline system that keeps our vegetables happy and growing.   This workshop will teach you how to design and install a solar water pumping system and also gives a basic introduction to using dripline systems.

Solar Water Pumping for Ranching and Livestock Watering

Ranchers are increasingly turning to solar water pumping to water their cattle in remote off-grid locations. This workshop will It is a relatively simple proc

For those wanting to start their own business focusing on solar water pumping, it is recommended that you also take our periodic workshop on How to Start a Solar Business.

Mni Wiconi

Red Cloud Renewable made seven journeys to the Mni Wiconi Water Protector camps on the Standing Rock Reservation - providing them with solar lights, 11 solar furnaces for the elderly and medical facilities and we supplied a mobile solar power station that provided energy for phones, drones, computers and their on-site radio station.  To learn from those that were there at the camps, check out this video.

Our solar pump continually fills our 1,000 gallon water tank and provides water to our dripline watering system