Projects + TRainings

Solar Labs

Our new integrated Solar System Lab will be very similar to the 20 kW system we built for the Kili Radio Station on the Pine Ridge Reservation. 


This new 22.5 kW solar array will provide electricity for the Center, while serving as a significant training lab for our students


This “Mock Roof” solar training lab will have side rails installed when completed to provide a realistic rooftop experience with the maximum safety for teachers and students.


Our stand alone “Pole Mount”  solar array will be completed in Spring 2021 and will give our students a battery based system to learn and work on. 


Our mobile solar power station labs come in two sizes

 - a pull behind trailer that can power camp radios and construction sites and our highly mobile “Handcart” version used to power computers, phones and drones.


We have trained many students to install our Off-Grid Solar Furnaces on the way to installing more than 1,100 for tribal families and community buildings. 


The Solar Warrior Farm hosts our Water Pumping for Farm and Gardens Lab which provides water for our 1,000 gallon water tank and our farm dripline system.  We are currently seeking funding to add in a new Water Pumping for Livestock Lab behind Gloria Red Cloud. It’s a great new solar business!