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Water is Sacred

Mni Wiconi




In 2016-17, we visited the water protector camps at Standing Rock seven times.  Those water warriors taught us a new way to fight Big Oil – a powerful, peaceful and prayerful non-violent way that brought together more tribes than ever before in all of history. One which allowed Natives and non-Natives to unite in a way never seen before.

Henry and his crew trained hundreds of camp residents in how to use renewable energy.  He provided eleven of his off-grid solar furnaces that warmed up the school, medics, elderly, and the ceremonial areas.  He brought two mobile power stations that provided electrical power for the radio station, for camp construction, and for charging computers and phones.

We learned a lot from Standing Rock about the various needs of off-grid water protector camps.  As a result, we have developed a set of essential solar equipment and a solar training curriculum that will support the creation and growth of future water protector and Native American encampments.  Our unique and focused trainings cover the building of a solar mobile power station in a 5’X8’ trailer, a smaller hand-cart sized unit, and a method of quickly making solar lights in five-gallon buckets.  Each training increases the number of Native Americans with these essential equipment building skills, but also generates a number of the solar products themselves which are then distributed amidst the trainees and provided to the camps.


In May 2018, Henry was selected to receive the MIT Oceti Sakowin Fellowship which was created to support outstanding members of the Oceti community who have tested projects that bring renewable energy, food, and water to the community and contribute to their economic prosperity and sovereignty.  Through funding from MIT and donations from other supporters, we are now developing and providing renewable energy equipment and training to various tribes and also directly to the Line 3 camps in Minnesota and the Keystone XL camps in South Dakota. 

Help bring renewable energy, food, and water to Tribal Communities!

Have your group stay with us at the Sacred Earth Lodge!

Mountains with Snow
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