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National Solar Certification Opportunity
Tribal Train the Trainer Program

RCR’s Executive Director, Henry Red Cloud and Solar Energy International (SEI) have worked together on renewable energy training and projects for more than 20 years. In 2019, they created the professional level Tribal Train the Trainer (T4) Program that is designed specifically to build the Native American solar workforce, while concurrently providing the solar trainers and tribal solar advocate network that will spread this technology all across Indian Country!

SEI has been the premiere solar training organization since 1991 with more than 70,000 students taking their courses.  More than 25% of all North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) have received their training through SEI.


In 2019 nine RCR students took the T4 training – three women and six men from five tribes.  Five went on to get their national NABCEP solar technician certification.  In 2020, six students were selected and funded, but COVID-19 pushed off their classes into 2021. 

The selected 2020/21 Tribal Train the Trainer Scholarship recipients are: Gwe Gasco (White Earth), Gail Huebbling (Yankton Sioux), Jon Edwards (Standing Rock), Wambli Red Cloud (Pine Ridge), Chris French (Yankton) and Rachael La Friniere (Turtle Mountain).

Because of the deep caring and generous support of our funders including the All Points North Foundation, the Turner Foundation and the non-profit organization, In Our Hands, these two women and four men from five tribes will receive full scholarships.  Scholarships cover the cost of their T4 teachers, curriculum and materials, as well as their meals and lodging at the Sacred Earth Lodge, the cost for their national NABCEP solar certification test and a partial travel stipend. 


Tribal Train the Trainer – Workshop and Testing Dates


June 13-17            PV 101, classes start

June 18-19            Free weekend (students may stay at Lodge/ RCREC)

June 20-24            PV 201L, Grid-tied labs at the new Solar Lab Facility

June 25 - July 5    11 days off; rest, take care of families and personal life

July 6-14               PV 203 and 301L – Battery based, no classes July 10 

July 14                  NABCEP testing at Red Cloud Renewable

July 25-29 (Fr)      All 2022 graduates will teach PV 101 to other Native Americans with RCR and                                 RE teaching assistance. 


Open workshop for tribal members taught by T4 graduates


This project made possible in part through All Points North Foundation



To qualify for a position, a candidate must have some solar and/or other renewable energy experience.  They must commit to attending three week-long courses at the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center (RCREC) on the Pine Ridge Reservation.  They must also agree to co- teach a one week course to new trainees at RCREC (with SEI and Remote Energy trainer assistance).  See this year's schedule of Projects and Trainings. 


Upon completion of the training, the participants will be granted full access to the SEI Job Board and Mentor Network and other entrepreneurial assistance, which will connect them with many solar professionals and companies all across the United States.

Some graduates may be offered the opportunity to further advance their solar career by becoming a SEI Instructor both here in the United States and possibly even internationally.

For those wanting to work within the national tribal community, participants will become part of RCR’s Solar Green Teams, where trainees who have worked with Henry will be encouraged and helped to develop solar and renewable energy projects on their own reservations and invited to join in on projects across the northern Plains and possibly much further.

Graduates of this program will also become part of the RCR Advisory Board and be invited to participate and possibly become a trainer in other renewable energy approaches presented at the Center (e.g. Off-Grid Solar Furnaces, solar water pumping, solar lighting and building mobile solar power stations and much more).


This is an incredible opportunity for tribal members who are serious about learning about solar energy and protecting Mother Earth and who are willing to put in the effort to complete this professional training. 

Are you a Native American thinking about solar as a profession? 

Contact Richard Fox - and see how we can help your dreams come true!

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