Friends and Patrons

Marcus Mumford from Mumford and Sons is a Friend and Patron of the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center and he wants you to be one as well!


Henry Red Cloud is grateful for the caring and sharing of Marcus Mumford.  His support helps Henry to be able to spread awareness and continue to work toward his goal of empowering Natives with green jobs, culturally appropriate and sustainable housing, good organic food, and of course renewable energy. 


Bringing the world together in a united cause, Marcus Mumford and Henry Red Cloud. 

Marcus Mumford

Alone, divided.  Together, united.

Partners, Allies, and Supporters we need your help to continue to bring Renewable Energy, Organic Food, Sustainable Housing, and Green Jobs Training to Native Americans.

Henry Red Cloud is humbled to have Brad Corrigan as a Friend and Patron of the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center.  


As a fellow world traveler Brad is the President and Founder of his own non-profit Love, Light + Melody, where he fights the effect of extreme poverty all over the world.  While here at home he supports uplifting Native Americans out of poverty through his work with Henry Red Cloud.  Brad gives his whole heart to bringing social justice to all.  And it takes the heart of many to create the heartbeat of a community.

Henry Red Cloud and Brad Corrigan helping to create community with heart.